I’ve worked with Storm twice. He is absolutely one of my FAVORITE photographers of all time. If you want to feel genuinely beautiful, receive stunning images, and have a really great time, then he’s the photographer for you. I can’t recommend him highly enough.
— Taylor M.

Consultation & Planning

Once you've booked your session, we will chat via phone/skype or you can come by our studio.  This will give us a chance to get to know one another and give us the opportunity to share ideas & inspiration.  Connecting with our clients is important because I know the true weight and power these photo sessions have and I truly want your session to be amazing and life-changing.  



My background in fashion has given me unique styling experience, and I'm an expert at helping women style & source lingerie and accessories.  I absolutely loooove lingerie and styling women! I literally get the biggest joy seeing a client look in the mirror in the beginning of a shoot and grin with excitement because she knows she looks good.  When you get lingerie that fits well and showcases you at your best there is nothing more empowering or beautiful in the world. I collect a good amount of stylish & feminine lingerie basics and I have a lot of experience styling women with curvier figures.  A boudoir shoot doesn't have to be just lingerie or nude either, you can mix and match and add elements of your everyday style that highlights your own unique personality.


Professional Hair & Make-up Artistry

All sessions include an excellent hair/makeup artist who has experience photo styling.  We have a small handful of artists we work with regularly who have between 8-15yrs experience specifically for photo shoots.  


Our Gorgeous Boudoir Studio/Location Shooting

Location is everything.  We primarily shoot in our gorgeous loft studio in downtown LA filled with natural light and complete with a simple & elegant vintage-style boudoir bed in an a beautiful all-white setting and several unique furniture pieces.  It's also colorful, modern and meticulously maintained and cleaned. We also enjoy shooting at a location of your choice (i.e. boutique hotels, estates, natural settings, private homes, cars, etc.).


Professional Photography & Pose Direction

We want your Capture Boudoir session to be the most amazing photographic experience you've had in your life!  With over 10 years experience photographing women intimately, we've gained an immense amount of experience posing all kinds of beautiful bodies of all shapes and sizes and have become an expert at making women comfortable and drawing genuine expressions from them. This allows me to really have fun while shooting and focus my energy more on being playful and getting clients into beautiful poses. The real key in all of this is creating an environment women can't help but have fun in that's filled with music, laughter & trust.   


Magazine Quality Professional Editing & Retouching

All edited/retouched images will include our own artistic touch.  I'm a meticulous and delicate editor. Although light body retouching & hair sculpting may be necessary to eliminate distractions from an image, molding you into a completely different person is not part of my editing philosophy and will not be done.  The overall goal of our work is for women to love their bodies and themselves as they are - and after a session with us - our clients often do!


A Passionate & Meticulous Artist & A Chance To See Yourself In A Beautiful New Light

The emails and the stories of how our shoots change women's lives is truly what keeps me going.I've put my heart & soul into developing the talent, resources & artistry necessary to make the most gorgeous intimate portraiture of women I can make so that client by client, woman by woman,  I can send an army of beautiful, confident little rays of sunshine out into the world! I've seen all the stretch marks, cellulite, baby scars, reduction scars, tummy tuck scars, mastectomy scars, lopsided boobs, etc, etc… and all of you are so beautiful.  


Self-love Is The Answer...

I used to aspire to the be the 'cool' superstar fashion photographer and now all I want in life is to continue helping women feel good about themselves and help women of all shapes, sizes, colors and backgrounds celebrate their femininity with dignity, grace & class. We are all a little broken & scarred in some way and self love is the answer to all of that. The past 10 years have changed me incredibly as a person and I've been really humbled by a lot of the reality and beauty captured through my photography. I usually outgrow things and become bored when they no longer serve the same purpose or fulfillment in my life and I'm happy to say I still love photographing women as much as I ever did and I'm honored to have captured so many beautiful friends, clients, models & random acquaintances. Big hugs & love to you all. Women are the greatest gift to humanity itself, my goal is to honor and treat them as such.  


How do I book a shoot with you?

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