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El Matador

I got the opportunity to spend a beautiful fun-filled day at El Matador beach with two lovely Polish friends that were traveling through LA recently.  For their last day before they traveled on to Hawaii they wanted nothing more than to go to Malibu and spend a day at the beach so my friend Bode Helm, a fellow fashion photographer, and I decided to treat them to a beautiful day of photo-taking on the beach.  The experience was so rewarding and mesmerizingly beautiful!  Below are some beautiful images I captured on the fly, no planning, just a few extra lenses, some alternate bikinis and no lighting equipment.   We had so much fun and completely lost track of time and ended up staying until the last bit of daylight. I try to approach all of my capturing of women in the same manner, with a lot of love, laughter, kindness & thoughtfulness and this time was no different.  The ladies had an amazing experience, and remarked how unforgettable the day was and this is, to me,  the essence of what boudoir photography is about-- giving women a chance to have the amazing and wonderful experience of relishing their bodies and being able to be absolutely themselves for a moment in time-and feel good about it!  Once they leave Hawaii both of these women will go back to their countries of Argentina & Poland and continue their busy professional lives and this adventure will soon become a fun, distant memory and for this particular sun-soaked day these photos will be a gorgeous reminder of their time in paradise.    

Blog Now Up!

Welcome to the new CAPTURE | LA Boudoir blog.  This is where we will be posting updates and discussions on all things CAPTURE-related including boudoir photography, lingerie selections, posing and all things positive and empowering to women.  We're on a really special mission to make absolutely gorgeous photos of women and tell a bolder and more unique story of the feminine experience.  We plan to feature unique success stories, photo & artwork updates, behind-the-scenes footage and lots of inspiration.  Please follow us on our journey!

Well-behaved women rarely make history
— Laurel Thatcher Ulrich
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