Au Natural in Autumn | Mariana

Sometimes all a woman needs is a little freedom, a good beach and her favorite coat. The fresh Pacific air on your bare skin on a secluded Malibu beach is as close to utopic paradise and being one with nature as it gets.

Mariana & I definitely wanted to do some beach shooting before the winter chill set in so we planned ahead for a good weather day and I set out to shop for some quick styling. I picked this beautiful rust brown Topshop coat from Nordstrom when I saw that the color and texture would be perfect for her gorgeous hair and brown sugar & tumeric skin tone. I knew she needed a coat to stay warm as well as for modesty purposes so when I saw it I knew it was absolutely perfect! I loved the elegance that it brought to the shoot and it allowed us to create variety celebrating her form while simultaneously allowing for her to have modesty at a moments notice. Coats, sweaters and kimonos are truly some of my favorite beach styling items because they really give women a lot of creative freedom and modesty when needed.

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