Au Natural in Autumn | Mariana

Sometimes all a woman needs is a little freedom, a good beach and her favorite coat. The fresh Pacific air on your bare skin on a secluded Malibu beach is as close to utopic paradise and being one with nature as it gets.

Mariana & I definitely wanted to do some beach shooting before the winter chill set in so we planned ahead for a good weather day and I set out to shop for some quick styling. I picked this beautiful rust brown Topshop coat from Nordstrom when I saw that the color and texture would be perfect for her gorgeous hair and brown sugar & tumeric skin tone. I knew she needed a coat to stay warm as well as for modesty purposes so when I saw it I knew it was absolutely perfect! I loved the elegance that it brought to the shoot and it allowed us to create variety celebrating her form while simultaneously allowing for her to have modesty at a moments notice. Coats, sweaters and kimonos are truly some of my favorite beach styling items because they really give women a lot of creative freedom and modesty when needed.

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Winter Solstice | Lillias

Here's a gorgeous fall look I shot on the winter solstice last year that I absolutely love.  Shot near Topanga with a lovely lady named Lillias, it incorporates all of my favorite fall color & texture elements and showcases Lillias' gorgeous natural curves.  I found the elephant necklace at a vintage pop-up boutique and the unique sweater at Anthropologie.   Another gorgeous example of how boudoir doesn't have to be done in studio.  It's not every woman's comfort level to be nude or in lingerie outdoors, assuredly, but I hope to show women how gorgeous thinking outside the box can be!  

Movement | New Work

To me movement in the female form in photography represents the channeling of strength.  It's important for women to feel strong and be strong, I believe our world depends on it.  This is new work created with a wonderful woman and muse named Cacia from NYC.  ♥

Monochrome Masquerade | Cara

Cara has been traveling the past 15 months as a DJ and adventure seeker.  She contacted us while in Asia and we agreed to do a shoot and we knew we would create something amazing together.  Her style was more costume and fantasy themed so that was something fun and new for me to process through my lens and shooting brain.  She came up with these masquerade pieces she custom created herself and I decided to give it in a milky, monochromatic treatment and shoot both natural and studio light.  We love how the photos turned out and decided to share them with you and give a little nod to Mardi Gras.  



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