Summertime Sadness

It's that time of year again... when summer starts winding down and we all start resetting our lives for fall & winter.   Luckily in SoCal we get an extension on summer wether we like it or not.  This means the Lana albums can remain on repeat, for now.  This is a shoot I did for my good friend Haydee to get through the summer bummers and we truly had a blast!  Haydee is a long-time dancer and loves her curvy figure and wanted to do a new shoot that was playful & beach-appropriate but still sexy & romantic.  I paired her cool Cali crop-top find with a beautiful & comfortable pair of floral Hanky Panky panties and what would seem an unlikely match became a match made in heaven!  While this styling look isn't necessarily perfect for everyone or every body, I love playing with non-lingerie items like t-shirts & sweaters to accentuate different elements of women's figures.   

What's your ideal beach shoot?  Let us know in the comments, we'd love to hear your inspirations and favorite beach locations!   

Shot on location at Zuma Beach in Malibu, CA.

Winter Solstice | Lillias

Here's a gorgeous fall look I shot on the winter solstice last year that I absolutely love.  Shot near Topanga with a lovely lady named Lillias, it incorporates all of my favorite fall color & texture elements and showcases Lillias' gorgeous natural curves.  I found the elephant necklace at a vintage pop-up boutique and the unique sweater at Anthropologie.   Another gorgeous example of how boudoir doesn't have to be done in studio.  It's not every woman's comfort level to be nude or in lingerie outdoors, assuredly, but I hope to show women how gorgeous thinking outside the box can be!  

Movement | New Work

To me movement in the female form in photography represents the channeling of strength.  It's important for women to feel strong and be strong, I believe our world depends on it.  This is new work created with a wonderful woman and muse named Cacia from NYC.  ♥

Monochrome Masquerade | Cara

Cara has been traveling the past 15 months as a DJ and adventure seeker.  She contacted us while in Asia and we agreed to do a shoot and we knew we would create something amazing together.  Her style was more costume and fantasy themed so that was something fun and new for me to process through my lens and shooting brain.  She came up with these masquerade pieces she custom created herself and I decided to give it in a milky, monochromatic treatment and shoot both natural and studio light.  We love how the photos turned out and decided to share them with you and give a little nod to Mardi Gras.  



As Seen on The Knot